Editorial: Religious Pluralism in America

May 10, 2003

Source: Honolulu Advertiser


On May 10, 2003 the Honolulu Advertiser printed an editorial by Robert Ganung stating that "it is almost impossible for me to write about spiritual matters without referring to my spiritual master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Although I am from another religious tradition (United Methodist minister), this gentle Zen monk from Vietnam has influenced my spiritual journey more than most Christian leaders and authors... This is an extraordinary century. Despite our recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have great reason to rejoice as we seek to embrace and understand the many important aspects and beliefs of our neighbors. Today in America, Sunni Muslims live side by side with Tibetan Buddhists, Conservative Jews and Orthodox Christians. We live in a world with innumerable possibilities for spiritual growth and understanding, if we open our hearts and minds and search for common ground in the religions that our new neighbors have brought to America." Ganung highlighted the work of Diana Eck and the Pluralism Project in his editorial."