Editorial: "People of Goodwill" Must Speak With One Voice Against Hate

August 13, 2004

Source: Toronto Star


On August 13, 2004 the Toronto Star ran an editorial commenting on hate crimes at Ryerson University. The editorial board wrote, "A string of abhorrent and despicable acts has struck Ryerson University. The school's multi-faith prayer room was vandalized in June with anti-Muslim graffiti. Flyers spouting hate against Muslim students were posted last week around the downtown campus. Now, threats have been made against the president of the Ryerson Muslim Students' Association. In our multicultural society, it is difficult to imagine that such hatred can exist. Yet, we have already seen several frightening examples this year, from vandalism at a Pickering mosque to the firebombing of a Jewish school in Montreal. Peaceful and open-minded as Canadians are, people with repugnant attitudes lurk among us. The very best response to such loathsome acts is for people of goodwill to be vigilant, and to stand together and denounce hate with one voice. That's the approach the Canadian Arab Federation and Canadian Jewish Congress wisely adopted as they joined Ryerson in publicly condemning these incidents. Their solidarity against those who preach hatred and division reflects the wider community's revulsion, and should inspire us all. Their decent voices will prevail."