Editorial: John J. DiIulio Jr. on FBCI

June 22, 2003

Source: The Boston Globe


On June 22, 2003 The Boston Globe printed an editorial by John J. DiIulio Jr. stating that "today, faith-based social service programs still receive only a small percentage of available federal funding, despite the importance and proven effectiveness of the work they do. What's more, the political consensus behind the charitable choice laws has largely unraveled-to the detriment of the very communities the law was supposed to serve... These inner-city groups have been harmed by the political infighting over faith-based initiatives. Once in office, President Bush immediately tried to make good on his pledge to promote charitable choice while honoring legitimate limits on church-state collaboration. 'We will,' he repeated both in public and in private, 'keep a commitment to pluralism, not discriminating for or against Methodists or Mormons or Muslims, or good people of no faith at all.' Senate Democrats, including Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton, were eager to support the administration's push to implement and expand charitable choice laws."