Editorial: "India's 9-11"

July 11, 2006

Source: Investor's Business Daily


On July 11, 2006 Investor's Business Daily ran an editorial that commented, "And now Bombay. Eight bombs that ripped commuter trains in India's financial capital, killing perhaps 200 and injuring hundreds more, solidified our newly forged alliance with the South Asian giant. If there were doubts about the global nature of this ongoing assault on modern civilization, or hopes each isolated event could be handled by mere police action, such naivete — at least to any seriously cognitive being — should lie in the wreckage alongside those twisted rail cars in Bombay. The salient lesson: India's own 9-11, as the news anchors already call it, was almost certainly the work of Islamic jihadists. Indeed, mounting evidence suggests coordination by al-Qaida itself. The height of folly would be to erase from consideration the most toxic elements of a great monotheistic faith. This is not, as in the Cold War, a protracted power struggle for world dominance. Jihadists work in that nether world beyond politics, where apocalyptic visions drive each act of terror. Political correctness must not cloud our recognition of the perverse religious zeal we face. The Bombay attacks should be seen not as a plea for religious diversity but as punishment for the subcontinent's celebrated religious pluralism. As well, the jihadists, no doubt hailing from troubled Kashmir, cannot abide the tolerance and secularization that India's vastly successful experiment with market economics has bred."