Eastern and Western Christians Celebrate Easter and Pascha

April 10, 2004

Source: The Dallas Morning News


On April 10, 2004 The Dallas Morning News reported, "A thousand years ago, Christians in the East and West went their separate ways, divided by disputes over doctrine and the pope. But here's something they agree on. On Sunday, they'll celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. It's known as Easter to Western Christians – Catholics and Protestants – and as Pascha to the Eastern Orthodox Church. The procession of the cross walks through the congregation at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church... Eastern Orthodox Christians number 300 million worldwide and 5 million in the United States, according to the church. Hartford Seminary's Institute for Religion Research says the U.S. membership is closer to 1.2 million. The Orthodox, like Catholics, say they're the oldest Christian tradition, linking their origins directly to Jesus' apostles. Yet, as relative newcomers to America, they remain largely unknown. The Rev. Antony Elbahou, pastor of Sts. Constantine and Helen, an Antiochian Orthodox Church in Dallas, said he's surprised at how often people ask whether he's a Christian. He tells them that Antioch, in Syria, was one of the communities St. Paul visited."