Dutch Cartoonist Arrested, Released for Anti-Muslim Drawings

May 16, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Deutsche Welle


A Dutch Internet cartoonist was arrested and then released again on suspicion of publishing work that is discriminatory against Muslims and people of color, Amsterdam police disclosed on Friday, May 16.

A police spokesman said authorities searched the cartoonist's home, that the arrest took place Wednesday, and the artist was released a day later.

The spokesman could not confirm whether the cartoonist, who goes by the artistic name Gregorius Nekschot -- Dutch for "shot in the neck" -- would be charged by the public prosecutor.

"He was arrested with a great show of force, by around 10 policemen," a spokeswoman for publisher Uitgeverij Xtra told the Associated Press on Friday. She asked that her name not be used because the cartoonist and publisher have received death threats.

Nekschot is known primarily for cartoons mocking Muslims and leftists, though the spokeswoman said he is a satirist who targets "any strong ideology."