Diversity Brings More Faiths to Broward

October 29, 2006


Source: The Miami Herald


Jayshree Mehta still remembers the smell of roasting flour as her grandmother started baking at 4 a.m. each Diwali, the new year holiday observed by Hindus and other faiths.

While most of Broward County's residents can mark their holidays on the calendar based on what is in stock at Wal-Mart, those who practice other faiths often struggle to find recognition without the commercial buzz.

Decorations, figurines, unusual ingredients and other specialties that are a part of the families' holiday celebrations often are elusive.

As stores prepare to unload trucks full of tinsel and Christmas lights and bags of candy corn and fake spider webs practically fall off the shelves, Maravid Farahvashi, a Baha'i, can barely find a sign of her own religion in stores or on the calendars they sell.