Christian, Jewish and Muslim Clergy Speak Against Same-Sex Marriage

July 9, 2006

Source: The Hudson Reporter

On July 9, 2006 The Hudson Reporter reported, "Local interfaith clergy and same-sex marriage opponents have refused to remain subdued. Last month, about 54 inter-faith clergy people of Hudson County once again signed a petition in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which was spearheaded by the Hispanic Pastors' Association of Hudson County. 'In 2004 through Rev. Gary Kugler [of Union City] and other clergy, we interfaced for the marriage amendment,' said Jose Lopez, president of the Hispanic Pastors' Association of Hudson County and pastor of ICAP Church in Jersey City. 'We want to reinforce what the Constitution says. We believe in traditional marriage, and we want to send a message that we continue to support traditional marriage.' Among the signers were Union City Rabbi Aaron Hirschman, Roxanne Dworak, director of the Islamic Education Center of North Hudson, and Rev. Gary Kugler of St. John Lutheran Church in Union City. In 2004, Hirschman stated that clergy leaders were united in the 'cardinal principle' of sacredness of the traditional family as the only possibility for procreation, and for the optimal nurture of children. 'Our concern is to keep the tradition and continue to support a man and a woman coming together, and from there multiplying,' said Lopez. 'I was very enthusiastic when the director of the Islamic Center and other clergy leaders supported us in the statement of marriage being between a man and a woman.'"