Canadian Islamic Congress President Supports Violence to Israeli Civilians

October 23, 2004

Source: CBC News Online

On October 23, 2004 CBC News Online reported, "Remarks by the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress came under fire Saturday from anti-hate and Muslim and Jewish organizations. Mohamed Elmasry told various media outlets that Israelis above the age of 18, – civilian and those dressed in military uniform – are legitimate targets for Palestinian suicide bombers, because they've all served in the Israeli army. The targets would also include out-of-uniform military personnel at bus stops, Elmasry told the Globe and Mail... Canadian Jewish Congress president Ed Morgan criticized Elmasry's comments saying, they're an endorsement to kill civilians. Tarek Fatah, a founding member of the Muslim Canadian Congress also criticized Elmasry saying, ' believe all Israelis are targets is the height of hypocrisy.'"