Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh Chaplains Welcomed to Armed Services

November 15, 2005

Source: The Scotsman


On November 15, 2005 The Scotsman reported, "The first Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh chaplains to be appointed by the British Armed Forces have been officially welcomed to their roles by Defence Secretary John Reid. The four will give spiritual, moral and pastoral support to service men and women and their dependents. They are classed as civil servants and employed on fixed-term contracts, for an initial three years. Welcoming the recruits, Dr Reid said: 'One of the important things about service men and women is the importance that is attached to morale. It is not just a matter of being happy, it is not just a matter of trust and comradeship, it is also a matter of spiritual fulfillment.' He said it was important to make sure that people of faith recognised that their beliefs should not be a barrier to entering the armed forces. Mr Reid added: 'We are committed to providing an environment that welcomes and encourages people throughout society to build a successful military career. Ensuring that they enjoy spiritual support is integral to this, and the chaplains will make a huge contribution to service personnel and their dependents.'"