British Hindus Document Their Presence Through Oral History Project

June 12, 2004

Source: INDOlink

On June 12, 2004 INDOlink reported, "In what may well become an inspiration for Indians in the diaspora, Hindus in Britain have begun a unique experiment in immigration history: to preserve the knowledge and artifacts relating to their presence by building a memory bank of oral narratives. The £ 90,000 British Hinduism Oral History project launched by the Oxford Center for Hindu Studies (OCHS) is focused on collecting the fading memories of Britain’s first-generation Hindu community. It involves conducting and recording interviews with Hindus who migrated to Britain from countries around the world and whose numbers are estimated to be over 600,000. These will form the first-ever permanent record of their cultural and historical life. It will be stored in the Hindu Archive at the OCHS and the results of this ground-breaking work will be made accessible to scholars and researchers for future studies and publications. The project received funding from the Heritage Lottery program."