Baha’i Group Gives Homage to Faithful Heroine

August 3, 2005

Source: Baha'i World News Service

On August 3, 2005 the Baha'i World News Service reported, "This is the British military cemetery where British Commonwealth servicemen from two world wars, and some civilians, are laid to rest. In its neat precincts is the dignified grave of one who bore the nickname of 'General Jack.' This is not the tomb of a great soldier but rather of a spiritual hero of the Baha'i world community. It is the resting place of Marion Jack (1866-1954), who is acclaimed for her selfless role as a 'pioneer,' one who moves to another country to help establish and develop a Baha'i community. The belief in the oneness of humanity and the conviction that world unity is the key to a lasting international peace has inspired many Baha'is to pioneer to ensure that the teachings of Baha'u'llah are available to all peoples on the planet. The one acknowledged as the greatest of those pioneers is Marion Jack. Half a century after her passing, the group of Baha'is gathered around her grave."