Asia-Europe Partners Commit to Broaden Interfaith Dialogue

June 19, 2008

Author: Rose B. Palacio

Source: Philippine News Agency

Representatives of the Fourth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) partners renewed their commitments to deepen and broaden the Interfaith Dialogue for the benefit of a peaceful and fruitful Asia-Europe relationship and underscored the importance of consolidating the Interfaith Dialogue as an annual ASEM event.

Ulama League of the Philippines regional chairman Aleem Mahmod Mala Adilao, one of the Philippine representatives during the ASEM gathering in Amsterdam (June 3-5, 2008) said that ASEM partners have agreed to improve awareness and understanding of common ethical and values shared by all humankind; enhance mutual understanding and respect through interaction among adherents of faiths; promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms; encourage social inclusion, equity, gender equality, justice and tolerance in human interactions; guarantees respect for faith heritage and diversity; reduce clashes, antagonism and violence; and promote peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Also included in its commitments are: the promotion of love and peace; rejection of hatred and violence in all world religions; and respect the freedom of religion or belief and take necessary actions to combat intolerance, discrimination, hostility and violence based on religion or belief.