Arrest of James Yee Prompts Review of Military Chaplain Selection Process

November 18, 2003

Source: The Olympian

On November 18, 2003 The Olympian reported that "Huda Yee, 29, hopes for the release of her husband, who was arrested in September when investigators accused him of taking classified information from Guantanamo Bay... 'I don't know if he's coming back in one month, two months, a year, exactly when,' said Yee, during her first formal interview since her husband's arrest. 'But until I know, I'm waiting.' Yee, petite, soft-spoken and unfailingly polite, is certain of one thing: her husband's innocence. 'He's a proud American. He loves his country and he loves his job,' she said. 'He would never do anything to hurt his country or hurt his family.' James Yee now faces two counts of violating the regulations that govern safeguarding classified information. The maximum penalty for each charge is two years in prison and military dismissal. He's detained at a naval brig in South Carolina."