Arlington Police Investigate Attack on Muslim Woman

August 9, 2005

Source: News

On August 9, 2005 News reported, "Arlington police are investigating a Tuesday morning attack on a pregnant woman. Mary Anne Coldia, 23, said she was attacked by three men who shouted anti-Muslim slurs and called her a terrorist. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, America's largest Muslim civil liberties group, is calling on local and federal authorities to treat the attack as a hate crime. Coldia, who is 8 ½ months pregnant, was taking her morning walk along 8th Street and had just turned onto the sidewalk at Walter Reed Drive when three men in a light green pick-up truck began shouting insults at her, she said. She continued walking down the block, and one of the men jumped out of the truck. Coldia said the man walked in front of her and pushed her around before getting back into the truck. 'The other two guys they were just laughing and screaming at the top of their lungs like it was a joke, and then they just sped off down the street,' Coldia said... The Arlington Police Department said it takes allegations like these very seriously. 'It could be a crime of assault and battery,' said Matt Martin, of the Arlington Police Department. 'And in Virginia, if the victim is selected because of his or her race or religious background, nationality, anything like that, then there is an enhanced penalty.'"