Allow Hindu Women to Wear Red Dot - MEC

August 29, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Independent Online

KwaZulu-Natal MEC for health Peggy Nkonyeni on Friday said Hindu nurses at Durban's Addington hospital should be allowed to use the symbolic red dots after the hospital prohibited this in their revised dress code.

It was earlier reported that the hospital came under fire for implementing a revised dress code that prohibited married Hindu nurses from wearing their traditional red dot on their foreheads, cultural strings, nose rings and studs.

Nkonyeni said that the revised dress code was an internal matter and the department was not consulted when this dress code was developed.

"I believe and respect the 'dot' as it symbolises the marital status of a Hindu woman.

"Just as we respect the right of married women to wear their wedding rings, we also believe that similar treatment and respect must be accorded to Hindu women wearing their powdered 'dots' - stick on or liquid," she said.