What is pluralism? What does the Pluralism Project do?

The Pluralism Project studies and interprets religious diversity and interfaith relations in the United States. To read--or hear--Diana Eck's definition of pluralism, and learn about the work of the Pluralism Project, visit our About page.

I’d like to invite Diana Eck to speak. What is the best way to reach her?

Please email staff@pluralism.org with the details of your request. We can forward the email to her and may be able to suggest alternative sources for speakers in the likely case that her demanding schedule prevents her participation.

I want to start an interfaith group. What resources can you suggest to help me get started?

We have compiled a list of our resources related to interfaith engagement, including our pilot study on interfaith initiatives, relevant research reports, and affiliate projects. Our pilot study, America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: An Emerging Landscape, features promising practices and case studies from different cities around the country. We also maintain a collection of selected links that point to a variety of interfaith groups that may have guides, suggestions and tips, and other helpful information. In the Encounter section of our site you can also find historical information about the interfaith movement.

How can I become involved in the Pluralism Project?

There are many ways to help with our work!

Will you publish or publicize my book/movie/event?

We are always interested in learning more about current events and new publications. However, we only publicize events or publications that we have participated in, sponsored, or otherwise partnered with.

How has religion changed over the last ten years in my home state?

Checking out our online resources will give you an idea of the way your home state has changed over time. First, our database of Religious Diversity News articles is searchable so you can explore articles about your state. Next, visit the Landscape section to see if we have mapped religious diversity in your area. Finally, several articles written by Diana Eck and our affiliates can provide a background about changes on a national level, giving a broad context to local examples.

Can you help me learn about Buddhism (or Islam, or Sikhism, etc)?

Our website offers many resources to help you with your search, especially the Religions section. Our site also includes research reportscenter profiles, newsfeeds, and bibliographies for many traditions. If you are interested in taking a more formal, academic class on this tradition, we suggest looking into local colleges and universities that might offer classes that would suit your needs.

What happened to the directory of religious centers?

The Pluralism Project archived the Directory of Religious Centers with the launch of our new website in 2020. With the exponential growth and change taking place at the local level, we recognized that it was no longer possible for our small staff to maintain the directory. In addition, new tools and technologies, and vital local projects, now provide excellent resources. 

How many Buddhists/Hindus/Muslims are there in my home state? In the U.S.?

Below are some resources that may help you explore this question. You can also search our Religious Diversity News archive using “statistics” as a keyword for additional information.  

The Association of Religion Data Archives | www.thearda.com

Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life | www.pewforum.org

Public Religion Research Institute | www.publicreligion.org

What resources do you have on religious diversity and the environment, religious diversity and poverty, religious diversity and the workplace, etc.?

The best way to find these resources is to do an overall website search with key terms, using the search button in the top right corner of this page. Our Religious Diversity News archive can also be searched by keyword to provide you with leads. 

How can I order a copy of Acting on Faith, Fremont, U.S.A, or a Pluralism Project Case Study?

Ordering information for Acting on Faith is available here and information about Fremont, USA is here. Case studies that are a part of our Case Study Initiative are available online or may be customized for your teaching use through this form.

I want to use a photograph from the Pluralism Project website. What’s involved?

Please send an email to staff@pluralism.org detailing the specific photograph(s) you wish to use and for what purposes. Include a link to where the photograph appears on our site. We will then be able to let you know the status on the rights, and we may refer you to the photographer directly. Fees may be involved, especially if you require specific formats for publication.

How do I add or correct information in the Directory?

If your organization is in the Directory of Religious Centers with an incorrect address or contact information, please email staff@pluralism.org with the updated information and we will correct it as soon as possible. We are not currently adding new sites to our directory. 

Can we have our organization’s Center Profile changed?

Please email staff@pluralism.org with the corrections you suggest, and we may make the changes ourselves or may need to contact the researcher. Unlike the directory, the Center Profiles are the work of individual researchers and reflect a snapshot of a particular time in a center’s history. We appreciate receiving updates.

Do you offer research grants?

Currently, we are no longer able to offer research funding.

Did you find the answer to your question? If not, please contact us at staff@pluralism.org. We’d be happy to help!