Wiccan Priest Fights Local Ordinance Banning Fortune Telling

Source: Star Tribune

On October 7, 2000,
the Star Tribune reported that “Monte Plaisance filed a lawsuit,
backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, in U.S. District Court
seeking to overturn a Terrebonne ParishA parish is the geographical neighborhood or area served by a church or pastor. ordinance that punishes fortune
telling and palm reading with up to $500 in fines and one year in jail.
Plaisance, a 28-year-old WiccanWicca is the name of one of the major streams of contemporary American Paganism. It is a form of religious witchcraft, sometimes simply called the Craft. Many Wiccans in America today call themselves “witches,” claiming the name under which women and ... ministerMinister is a general term for a member of the clergy in the Christian church. The term has also come to use in other religious traditions to designate a member of the clergy (as in the Jodo Shinshu tradition and the Nation of Islam). who says he communicates with
ancient Greek deities, let a detective investigating his witchcraft museum
photograph TarotTarot cards are used for meditation and divination by some Pagans. Tarot cards are usually elaborately illustrated using symbols and images from Western mysticism. Many artists have created their own variations on the Tarot, and dozens of different decks ... cards, altarAn altar is a raised platform or stand which bears the central symbols of a religious tradition—whether in a temple, church, shrine, or home—and at which offerings are made, worship is offered, or prayers are said., crystal balls, trident wands and
pentagrams. The museum also serves as a churchThe term church has come to wide use to refer to the organized and gathered religious community. In the Christian tradition, church refers to the organic, interdependent “body” of Christ’s followers, the community of Christians. Secondarily, church ... for a covenA coven is a community of Pagan witches (often Wiccans) who gather for ritual. It is usually a small, intimate group of no more than thirteen that meets privately. A coven may also offer open rituals to the public. of about 20
witches, Plaisance said. The ordinance was passed under a state statute
that allowed local governments to regulate such activities, said Joe Cook,
of the Louisiana chapter of the ACLU. The ACLU argues that if the parish
bans fortune telling, then it effectively bans weather predictions,
fortune cookies, commodities predictions and doctors’ prognoses.”