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This is an archive of Religious Diversity News, which ran from 1997–2011. To see the latest headlines, please see our new Religious Diversity News Feed service.

Current News–Domestic & International

Feb 1, 2011 – Mar 6, 2011

Female Hindu Priest Conquers Holy Ground (United Kingdom)
Mar 2, 2011–BBC News

U.S. Attorney's Office Seeks Outreach to St. Louis Muslims (Missouri)
Mar 2, 2011–The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Gandhi In Egypt (Egypt, Massachusetts)
Mar 1, 2011–The Harvard Crimson (Op-ed)

Merging Medical Careers With Traditional Healing at Wake Forest (North Carolina)
Mar 1, 2011–Indian Country Today Media Network

Rev. Peter J. Gomes, Harvard Minister, Dies at 68 (Massachusetts)
Mar 1, 2011–The New York Times

British Shift On Muslims Is Ominous (United Kingdom, Europe)
Feb 28, 2011–The New York Times

Buddhist Monks’ Exhibit Set for Museum Reopening (United Kingdom)
Feb 28, 2011–The Buddhist Channel/The Herald Scotland

Conservation Scientists Mull Reconstruction Of Buddhas (Afghanistan)
Feb 28, 2011–The Buddhist Channel/

From CD-ROM to Blogosphere: Religious Pluralism Comes Home (Massachusetts, United States)
Feb 28, 2011–State of Formation (Weblog)

Hearings On Muslim Americans Is Un-American (District Of Columbia, California)
Feb 28, 2011–The San Francisco Chronicle (Op-ed)

Hindu Heritage and Divine Center Planned In Canada (Canada)
Feb 28, 2011–News Track India/ANI

Panel Discusses Religious Differences (Connecticut)
Feb 28, 2011–The Stamford Times

Roxbury Mosque Struggles To Find The Right Imam (Massachusetts)
Feb 28, 2011–WBUR

Native American Groups Sue to Stop Solar Projects (California)
Feb 27, 2011–The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP

Rediscovered, Ancient Color Is Reclaiming Israeli Interest (Israel)
Feb 27, 2011–The New York Times

Bali Temples to Have Information Centers (Indonesia)
Feb 26, 2011–Bali Discovery Tours

Pagans Campaign for Census Voice (United Kingdom)
Feb 26, 2011–BBC News

Faith Often Fuels Civil Disobedience (Utah)
Feb 25, 2011–The Salt Lake Tribune

Interfaith Gathering Outside Hamden Mosque to Protest Vandalism (Connecticut)
Feb 25, 2011–NECN (Video)

Sikh Inmate Sues California Prison Over Grooming Policy (California)
Feb 25, 2011–The Mercury News/AP

Buddhist Temple Proposal Remains Alive (Kansas)
Feb 24, 2011–The Buddhist Channel/The Kansas City Star

Gain Insight Into Faith Communities Through Tours (Texas)
Feb 24, 2011–Houston Belief/The Houston Chronicle

Hindu Americans Promote Pluralism At PantheaCon 2011 (California, United States)
Feb 23, 2011–Hindu American Foundation

Suit Claims FBI Violates Muslims' Rights At Mosque (California)
Feb 23, 2011–The Washington Post/AP

Demonstrations Held Outside King’s Office Ahead Of Hearings On Radical Islam (New York, United States)
Feb 22, 2011–CBS News New York/AP

First Sikh In US Army Talks About His journey (United States, India)
Feb 22, 2011–The Times of India

Man Faces Federal Hate Charge In Arlington Mosque Vandalism (Texas)
Feb 22, 2011–The Arlington Citizen-Journal

Midshipman, Then Pacifist: Rare Victory to Leave Navy (United States)
Feb 22, 2011–The New York Times

Nun's Devotion Gives Hope to Orphan Kids (Vietnam)
Feb 22, 2011–The Buddhist Channel/VNS

United Methodist Church Donates to Sand Creek Massacre Learning Center (Colorado)
Feb 22, 2011–Indian Country Today Media Network

A Muslim, a Christian, a Sikh and a Hindu Walk into a College Dorm Room...and Discover World Peace (New Jersey, United States)
Feb 21, 2011–The Huffington Post (Op-ed)

Cancel Bigoted Hearings Targeting U.S. Muslims (United States)
Feb 21, 2011–CNN Belief Blog (Op-ed)

Famed Islamic School Riven By Battle for Control (India)
Feb 21, 2011–The Washington Post/AP

From Egypt to America: A New Age Of Idealism (New Jersey, United States, Egypt)
Feb 21, 2011–The Washington Post (Op-ed)

Germany Opens First Reform Synagogue Since WW2 (Germany)
Feb 21, 2011–Reuters

Anglican Parish In Va. Settles Property Dispute With Episcopalians (Virginia)
Feb 20, 2011–The Washington Post

British Gay Muslims Seek Islamic Weddings (United Kingdom)
Feb 20, 2011–BBC News

Sikhs Make a Home In Colorado Springs With New Temple (Colorado)
Feb 20, 2011–The Gazette

UK's Muslim Soldiers 'Fighting Extremists Not Muslims' (United Kingdom, Afghanistan)
Feb 20, 2011–BBC News

Utah's Religious Community Comes Together In the Tabernacle On Temple Square to Celebrate Diversity (Utah)
Feb 20, 2011–The Deseret News

Vatican Embarks On Unlikely Space Quest (Vatican City, Italy)
Feb 20, 2011–BBC News (Video)

Acts Of Faith (Tennessee)
Feb 19, 2011–The Memphis Commercial Appeal

Obama Administration Replaces Controversial 'Conscience' Regulation for Health-Care Workers (United States)
Feb 19, 2011–The Washington Post

The Importance Of Seva and Social Justice For Inner Transformation (United States)
Feb 19, 2011–The Huffington Post (Op-ed)

Buddhist Group Claims Discrimination Behind Zoning Problems (Kansas)
Feb 18, 2011–The Buddhist Channel/Fox 4

Interfaith Fellowship Day Speakers Build Bridges and Embrace Diversity (Ohio)
Feb 18, 2011–The Sun News

Kenyan Vice President's Office Inaugurates Sri Guru Nanak Food Bank In Response to Drought (Kenya)
Feb 18, 2011–SikhNet

Scrutiny Of a Saintly Life Finds a Home Here (Missouri, Turkey)
Feb 18, 2011–The Kansas City Star

80+ Long Island Faith Leaders Call on Rep. Peter King to Cancel Muslim Hearings (New York, United States)
Feb 17, 2011–Faith In Public Life

Anju Bhargava: An Interfaith Journey (New Jersey)
Feb 17, 2011–Odyssey Networks (Video)

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