Promising Practices

Promising practices, leadership profiles, and case studies have been compiled as part of the Pluralism Project’s pilot study of interfaith initiatives in twenty cities across the country. The initial pilot study was published in 2012. Additional cities-based research on promising practices is ongoing and a select number are published below, along with the original pilot findings.

Practices were deemed “promising” if they were context-driven and replicable. This approach differs from a “best practices” approach because it nuances our understanding of success. First, a practice is considered “promising” in its own right, not as it compares to other organizations. Second, while a “promising practice” may be identified because it is attuned to its local context, that does not mean it is immune to the challenges of that context. Note that, in some cities, video content, leadership profiles, or case studies serve as alternative coverage for a “Promising Practice.”


Interfaith Airport Chaplaincy, Inc.
Promising Practice: Accommodating and Cooperating at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Interfaith Community Institute
Promising Practice: Traveling Near and Far to Transform Understandings


Case Study: Cultivating Change


Illinois Wesleyan University
Promising Practice: Council on Religious Life: Convening to Connect, Advise, and Support


Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries
Promising Practice: Engaging Youth for the Common Good

Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group (WWIAG)
Promising Practice: Responding to Diversity, Building a Culture of Pluralism

Youth LEAD
Promising Practice: Creating a Skill Set for Youth to ‘Reflect, Connect, Act’


Loyola University Chicago
Promising Practice: Living Out Catholic Mission in a Diverse World


Building Bridges
Promising Practice: Connecting Clevelanders Through ‘Murals with a Mission’

InterAct Cleveland
Promising Practice: Dialoguing and Serving to Catalyze Change


Hartford Seminary
Promising Practice: Breaking Ground and Building Partnerships among Abraham’s Children


Dinner Dialogues
Promising Practice: Breaking Bread and Making Neighbors in Houston and Beyond


Promising Practice: Serving as an ‘Ethical Center’ for the Jacksonville Community

Kansas City

“The Hindu and the Cowboy…and other Kansas City Stories”
Promising Practice: Using Theater to Encounter the Religious ‘Other’

Las Vegas

Family Promise of Las Vegas
Promising Practice: Working Together to Offer Hospitality and Hope

Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada
Promising Practice: Challenging Stereotypes through Conversation and Education

Los Angeles

The Peace Rides
Promising Practice: Uniting to End Gang Violence in Inner City Los Angeles and to Create Peace Beyond

USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture & Inter-religious Council of Southern California
Promising Practice: Fostering A New Generation of Leadership in Los Angeles with the Future50 Cohort

NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change
Promising Practice: Engaging Young Muslims and Jews in LA


Festival of Faiths
Promising Practice: Celebrating Diversity and Inspiring Pluralism in Louisville and Beyond


Promising Practice: Creating a Space for Dialogue


Serve 2 Unite
Promising Practice: Uniting to Defy Hate and Build Peace Through Creativity and Service

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee
Promising Practice: Four Decades of Partnering for Change

New York City

Promising Practice: Creating Safe Families and Peaceful Communities Through Partnerships and Domestic Violence Education

Flushing Interfaith Council
Promising Practice: Drawing On History, Inspiring the Future

Global Spiritual Life at NYU/Of Many Institute for Multifaith Leadership
Promising Practice: Integrating Religion into Campus Diversity and Leadership Conversations

Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
Promising Practice: Interfaith with Impact: Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis Together

Synagogue in the Mosque Project
Promising Practice: Interfaith Programming at the Islamic Cultural Center and Islamic School


Project Interfaith
Promising Practice: Cultivating Relationships and Creating Social Media in the Heartland


Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation
Promising Practice: Taking the Message of Peace to the Streets of Philadelphia


Arizona Interfaith Movement
Promising Practice: Leveraging Civic and Commercial Partnerships to Promote the Golden Rule


Interfaith Trialogues
Promising Practice: Moving from Diversity to Pluralism by Getting to Know Our Neighbors

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy
Promising Practice: Amplifying Interfaith Voices to Inspire Political Change

Salt Lake City

Utah Interfaith Power and Light
Promising Practice: Combating Climate Change and Promoting Religious Diversity

San Diego

Interfaith Community Services
Promising Practice: Coming Together to Meet Community Needs

San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative (SDRIC)
Promising Practice: Connecting the Dots to Build a Robust Local Interfaith Infrastructure


Leadership Profile: Skyler Oberst


Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse (ACTS)
Promising Practice: Building an Interfaith Coalition for Social Change

Women Transcending Boundaries
Promising Practice: Creating Hope Out of Tragedy, One Woman at a Time

Twin Cities

Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness
Promising Practice: Addressing Injustice by Engaging Faith for the Common Good

Interfaith Youth Leadership Coalition
Promising Practice: Empowering and Equipping Youth for a Multi-Religious World

Islamic Resource Group
Promising Practice: Reaching Out to Educate about Islam and to Learn from Each Other

Secular Bible Study / Circle of Reason
Promising Practice: Finding Common Ground through Difference

Washington, D.C

Interfaith Families Project of the Greater Washington, D.C. Area
Promising Practice: Providing Support and Education for Interfaith Families


Global Faith in Action
Promising Practice: Advancing Interfaith Engagement through ‘Dialogue in Action’

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