RUAH Spirituality Institute

This data was last updated on 29 October 2020.

Address: Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, 1773 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-277-0036
Mission: CMM’s Ruah Interfaith Spirituality Programs offers opportunities for grounding and spirituality, listening to one another’s faith and value-based perspectives, as they come together to heal themselves and the earth.

Description: RUAH Spirituality Institute, located at All Saints Parish in Brookline, MA, is an interfaith, non-profit corporation dedicated to spiritual development. The group sponsors a variety of workshops devoted to interfaith understanding and a common pursuit of a deeper spiritual life, drawing from a variety of traditions in its spiritual resources. According to the group's website, "RUAH exists for people who: are dissatisfied with the frenetic pace of society and seek a deeper and more centered life; may or may not be regular worshippers or members of a church, temple or mosque; want to learn how to meditate and wish to support others and to be supported in their spiritual journey; want to explore the connection between compassion and changing the world." RUAH takes its name from the Hebrew word for "spirit" or "breath." As the website explains, "In the Bible, RUAH is the power of God which brings creative life out of chaos, liberates people from their slavery, and inspires prophets and sages to attend to the inner voice calling for change and renewal...The RUAH symbol was created by artist Kazuyo Duncavage and is a Japanese pictogram meaning "breath" which combines the concept of JI (oneself; one's own) and KOKORO (heart or mind)."

Activities: RUAH sponsors a variety of activities, from spirituality workshops to educational forums for the greater Boston community. The group has ongoing subgroups devoted specifically to interfaith dialogue, women's spirituality, and other topics. According to the website, "[m]ajor issues addressed include interfaith dialogue, spirituality and aging, dying and grief, healing, spirituality and the environment, and mystics and mysticism in all religious traditions. RUAH aims to increase understanding among religious traditions, to provide spiritual sustenance to all, and to create peace one person at a time." For a current listing of upcoming activities, please visit the RUAH website.