New Year Dawns with Prayer for Peace

January 1, 2007


Source: The Northwest Herald


CRYSTAL LAKE -- A recent, three-week trip to Turkey gave Karen Kelly of Oakwood Hills an appreciation for Islam.

“I was dramatically moved by the core sense of God within and God among all the people,” she said. “It made me realize also what a misconception [...

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School's Move Toward Inclusion Creates a Rift

December 26, 2006

Author: Fredrick Kunkle

Source: The Washington Post


WILLIAMSBURG -- The cross is small, perhaps no more than 18 inches above its base, its gleaming brass surface marked only by an inscription.

But the cross, which has graced the altar table in a chapel at the College of William and Mary for decades, has come to symbolize a...

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Baha'is Help Found Interfaith Forum in Iceland

December 24, 2006

Source: Baha'i World News Service


REYKJAVIK, Iceland, 24 December 2006 (BWNS) -- The Baha'i community of Iceland joined with twelve other faith groups and collaborative partners here to form the country's first national interfaith forum last month.

The Iceland Forum for Interfaith Dialogue was officially founded on 24 November 2006 in ceremonies at the Reykjavik City Hall.

"The object of the Forum is to promote...

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9/11 'Opened Doors' with Other Faiths

December 23, 2006

Source: The Dallas Morning News


Roy Harrell is in his 60th year as a Baptist minister, but he's best known around Dallas for his interfaith work.

There's probably nobody in the area with a Rolodex like his, which includes numbers for local leaders of nearly every organized religion....

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Finding Middle Ground

December 22, 2006

Author: Suhag Shukla

Source: Hindu American Foundation


Two young women are at a potluck dinner. One is a biologist, who happens to have brought her homemade naan, to the potluck, and the other is a professional chef. As they are getting acquainted, naturally being at a dinner party and one of them cooking for a living, food is the topic of conversation.


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Hindus Reflect Region's Religious Diversity

December 19, 2006

Author: Kelly Griffith

Source: Orlando Sentinel


The United States has 716 Hindu centers or temples -- 42 in Florida -- says The Pluralism Project at Harvard University, considered the best source of such data, according to Vasudha Narayanan, religion director at the...

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Local Representatives of a Variety of Faiths Come Together for the Holidays

December 18, 2006

Author: Terri Jo Ryan

Source: Waco Tribune-Herald


Eight months ago, when the Islamic Center of Waco hosted an event for the Greater Waco Interfaith Conference, mosque leader Al Siddiq playfully challenged Rabbi Mordechai Rotem of Temple Rodef Sholom to host the next event at his place.

Rotem’s initiative is...

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Japanese, Muslims Recall Racism

December 18, 2006

Author: Michael Manekin

Source: Tri Valley Herald


When the Imperial Japanese Navy swooped over Pearl Harbor 65 years ago and destroyed more than 2,400 American lives, Mas Yamasaki was watching a church basketball game in Sacramento.

He was 12, and he didn't know that he would soon live in a detention camp at Tule Lake - sleeping on an Army-issued mattress, braving the elements...

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Pancha Ganapati -- the Hindu Replacement for Christmas

December 17, 2006

Author: Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Source: Hinduism Today


KAUAI, HAWAII, December 17, 2006: (HPI note: In the late 1980s, Hinduism Today's founder, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, created the festival of "Pancha Ganapati" in response to requests from his devotees living in the West for an alternative celebration to Christmas. It was especially meant for children. Following is his explanation of the...

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Britain's First State-Funded Hindu School by 2008

December 13, 2006

Source: Times of India


LONDON: Plans to set up UK's first state-funded Hindu faith school are at an advanced stage and Hindu leaders believe that it will inspire future generations to learn about the ancient religion.

Gauri Dasa, president of Bhaktivedanta...

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