Kuan Yin Temple

This data was last updated on 3 July 2018.

Address: 480 Quincy Ave. (Rte. 53), Quincy, MA 02169
Phone: 617-479-8366
Email: kytmailbox@gmail.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/kytwebsite


History: The Kuan Yin Temple changed locations from 762 Southern Artery in Quincy, where it was located for approximately five years, to its current location on Quincy Ave. in early 2007. The community members helped to buy the new temple.

Description: The Kuan Yin Temple is located in a busy, industrial area in Quincy. The Temple is housed in a brick building that was previously a commercial venue. The hall accommodates approximately fifty people, with seating on the floor and in front of long tables. Two altars featuring Buddha statues made of porcelain, bronze and wood greet visitors at the rear entrance. The central double-sided altar divides the large room, creating an entry space and a large area for worship and community gatherings. The altar facing onto the prayer space features three ornate, seated Buddhas. The rear of the hall is lined with bookshelves that house the temple’s small library and glass counters with Buddhist and Chinese items for sale.

Activities and Schedule: The temple is open daily to visitors. There is a two-hour service on Sundays in Chinese with chanting, bowing, meditation and a Dharma talk.

Demographics: There are approximately forty members in the community who regularly attend the weekly Sunday service. All members are Chinese immigrants or are of Chinese descent.