Islamic Society of Framingham and Masjid-E-Basheer

This data was last updated on 24 September 2018.

Address: 234 Union Avenue, Framingham, MA 01702
Phone: 508-879-3800

History: The Islamic Society of Framingham is a non-profit organization that maintains the Islamic Center of Framingham. The early members of the mosque began meeting in 1999 at a condominium in Framingham and started their fundraising efforts to purchase a building. Initially, the community leased a space (which was previously a Friendly’s ice cream parlor) on South Street for a monthly rent of $800. Later, a small but dedicated group of members raised enough money to purchase and renovate the building.  

Demographics: The community is mostly comprised of Southeast-Asian and Sunni Muslims from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The mosque now serves close to 80 families and over 100 members.  

Description: The mosque’s building is a small and simple brick house on the corner of South Street. It maintains one level that is occupied by the men and women’s prayer spaces. This level is also used for the Al-Falaah Sunday school students.  

Activities and Schedule: The mosque provides several services for the community: an Islamic school for children, weekly Jumma services, and numerous assistance programs for local neighbors. Al-Falaah, the Islamic school, holds over 30 students who study the Arabic alphabet and phonetics, Qur’anic recitation and memorization, and hadith (oral traditions of the life and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad). Jum’ah or Friday prayers receive close to 70 male members. The mosque provides several other social services by collecting funds from members for humanitarian organizations and also provides lunches for disenfranchised individuals in the area. Additionally, the mosque has several youth groups that provide recreational activities and social service projects for children.  

Outreach: Though the mosque does not have any permanent relationships with community organizations, its members have met with congregations of Unitarian churches in Westborough to learn about one another’s faith. Community members and neighbors have also stopped by the mosque to ask questions about Islam and the mosque.