Cohasset Vedanta Centre

This data was last updated on 3 July 2018.

Address: 130 Beechwood Street, Cohasset, MA 02025
Phone: 781-383-0940

Cohasset Vedanta Centre in Cohasset, MAHistory: The Vedanta Centre in Cohasset was founded by Swami Paramananda, Swami Vivekananda's youngest monastic disciple. He was sent to America in 1906 and established the Boston Vedanta Centre in 1909. In 1923, he founded Ananda Ashrama in La Crescenta, CA and then opened the Cohasset Vedanta Centre in 1929 as an extension of the Boston Vedanta Centre. After Swami Paramananda's death, Reverend Mother Gayatri Devi was the spiritual leader of the Ashramas from 1940-1995. She began teaching Vedanta in 1926, and was the first Indian woman ordained as a minister to teach Vedanta in America.

Description: The Vedanta Centre of Cohasset is currently under the direction of Reverend Mother Sudha Puri, who is also the spiritual leader of Ananda Ashrama in La Crescenta, California and Sree Ramakrishna Ananda Ashramas in Naktala and Bon Hooghly in Calcutta, India. The Vedanta Centre celebrates special Hindu, Christian and Buddhist holy days. Facilities include the Temple of the Universal Spirit (Viswamandir) and a lending library. The Vedanta Centre also accommodates individual retreats by members of the congregation.

Activities and Schedule: For a complete calendar of holy days and puja, visit