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Millennial Jews Do An About-Face, Start Keeping Kosher
National Public Radio—30 September, 2014

Museum of the Bible aims for timeless name, imagery
Religion News Service—30 September, 2014

Atheist groups fight religious statue at Georgia high school football field
The New York Daily News—30 September, 2014

In Creating ‘Martyrs’ Day,’ China Promotes a Vision of the Past
The New York Times—30 September, 2014

'This brings the best of religion – and leaves the worst out': inside the atheist church hoping to take America by storm (Video)
The Guardian—30 September, 2014

Christians and Cage Fighting, From “Fight Church” to Mark Driscoll (Op-Ed)
Religion Dispatches—30 September, 2014

In The Rural West, 'Roving Rabbis' Reach Isolated Jews
National Public Radio—30 September, 2014

CAIR-OK: Oklahoma Christian & Muslim Groups Call For Peace in Aftermath of Tragic Murder (Video)
Council on American Islamic Relations—29 September, 2014

Prominent Muslim Sheik Issues Fatwa Against ISIS Violence
National Public Radio—29 September, 2014

No, Pamela Geller, the Qur'an Is Not Anti-Semitic (Op-Ed)
The Jewish Daily Forward—29 September, 2014

As the smallest Jewish communities fade, High Holidays are a time to be more visible
The Washington Post—29 September, 2014

Jonathan Sacks on Richard Dawkins: “New atheists lack a sense of humor” (Q & A)
Salon—29 September, 2014

Bahai'a faith growing in Georgia (Q & A)
The Gainesville Times—29 September, 2014

Beatification Brings Opus Dei Into the Open
The New York Times—29 September, 2014

A Difficult Passage From Church to Condominium
The New York Times—29 September, 2014

Buddhist artefacts discovered in Chebrolu
The Hindu—29 September, 2014

Faith at the Climate Change March (Video)
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly—29 September, 2014

Evangelicals add one more guest to the wedding party: Jesus
Religion News Service—29 September, 2014

HuffPost Religion Podcast 'All Together' - What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Meditation? (Audio)
The Huffington Post—29 September, 2014

interfaith faith conference on stigma of mental illness
UT San Diego—29 September, 2014

Francis Removes Bishop Under Cloud in Paraguay
The New York Times—26 September, 2014

The Cairo Geniza, Under Piecemeal Restoration
The New York Times—26 September, 2014

Passages: A Glimpse into the Hobby Lobby Family’s Bible Museum (Op-Ed)
Religion & Politics—26 September, 2014

16,000 Young Mormons Celebrate Ogden Utah Temple Rededication
The Huffington Post—26 September, 2014

China commemorates Confucius with high-profile ceremony
CCTV News—26 September, 2014

Sakura Matsuri: Rhythm to ring out at Cherry Blossom Festival
Cowra Guardian—26 September, 2014

Look Inside: The transformation of the Crystal Cathedral (Photos)
Religion News Service—26 September, 2014

Priests' mistresses and wives remind the Vatican: Don't forget about us
Religion News Service—25 September, 2014

Doubt as a Sign of Faith (Op-ed)
The New York Times—25 September, 2014

California Indian tribes honor water at Friday event
The Modesto Bee—25 September, 2014

China's Buddhist temple receives holy relic from Thailand
IBNLive—25 September, 2014

The Outspoken Spanish Nun Who's Made Herself A Political Force : Parallels
National Public Radio—25 September, 2014

Pope Francis: Culture Warriors Out, “Collaboration and Consultation”
Religion Dispatches—25 September, 2014

First Woman to Head Episcopal Church Will Not Seek Re-Election
On Faith—25 September, 2014

A Place To Reflect During Jewish Holy Days — That's Not A Temple
National Public Radio—25 September, 2014

Mormons join Virginia governor, first lady in interfaith Day to Serve kick-off
The Deseret News—25 September, 2014

Principled Pluralism (Op-ed)
The Huffington Post—25 September, 2014

Group targets Mississippi State's religious practices
The Clarion Ledger —25 September, 2014

Pagan Pride Festival set for Riverside on Saturday
Redlands Daily Facts—25 September, 2014

Mental illness rarely addressed by churches
Religion News Service—25 September, 2014

Miami-Dade Community Relations Board To Host Interfaith Gathering
CBS Miami —25 September, 2014

Will Catholic bishops annul Pope Francis' marriage reform initiative?
Religion News Service—25 September, 2014

Pew Survey: More Americans Support Mixing Religion and Politics
The Wall Street Journal—25 September, 2014

From Pole to Pulpit, a Club and a Church Do Battle
The New York Times—24 September, 2014

Which Catholics Offer Birth Control? Look To The Insurers
National Public Radio—24 September, 2014

What's Lost in Not Recognizing Campus Religious Groups
The Atlantic—24 September, 2014

Pope in Albania Urges Muslims to Condemn Extremism
ABC News—24 September, 2014

Zed organized multi-faith prayers for Nevada in Governor’s Mansion - Las Vegas Informer
—24 September, 2014

Fighting Enmity Against Sikhs With Art, Talks and Superhero Garb
New York Times—24 September, 2014

George led flock through tough times
Chicago Tribune—24 September, 2014