Malaysian Singer Attracts Sikh Community Members on Visit to New Orleans

June 14, 2001

Source: The Times-Picayune

On June 14, 2001, The Times-Picayune reported that "Dya Singh, a world-renowned Malaysian musician, recently debuted in New Orleans by singing at the Asian/Pacific American Heritage Festival... Singh also the Guru Dwara, the Sikh Community Worship eastern New Orleans. People of the Sikh community in the city, neighboring towns and out of state, including Texas and Tennessee, came to the worship service." Singh was "very impressed by the cultural diversity of New Orleans."

Sikhs in New York Greet their Leader on his First U.S. Tour

May 29, 2001

Source: Newsday

On May 29, 2001, Newsday reported that "area Sikhs joyously welcomed their supreme leader, who arrived in Queens...during his first U.S. tour since he became head of the world's fifth-largest religion 10 months ago." There are about 70,000 Sikhs in the New York metropolitan area.

Census Reveals Influx of Indian Asians in Washington State

May 28, 2001

Source: The Seattle Times

On May 28, 2001, The Seattle Times reported that "the population of Asian Indians in [Washington] nearly tripled from 8,203 to 23,992 during the 1990s, the largest percentage increase among Asian ethnic groups, newly released census figures show...The settlement of Indians here is largely a suburban phenomenon." Many are drawn by jobs in high-tech. "Sikhs, many of whom are originally from the Punjab region of India, are moving here from other states to be near relatives in British Columbia."

Three Houses of Worship Apply for Neighboring Lots

April 29, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On April 29, 2001, The New York Times reported that the Korean Presbyterian Church, the Jain Society of America and the North Shore Hebrew Academy "have each applied to the [Village of Lake Success in New York] to erect houses of worship and educational centers on the north service road of the Long Island Expressway...The buildings would be next door to one another...Officials viewed the applications as an affirmation of the Island's diversity."

Sikhs Celebrate Harvest Festival in Houston

April 14, 2001

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On April 14, 2001, The Houston Chronicle reported that this year 1,000 Sikhs are expected to gather at the Sikh Center in northwest Houston for observances of the 302-year-old harvest festival of Vaisakhi. The event also commemorates the formation of an order of Sikhs called the Khalsa, who are "regarded as the army of God for the protection of the downtrodden." The order formed against the backdrop of conflict between Muslims and Hindus in India. About 5,000 Sikhs are estimated to live in the Houston area.

Catholic School in Queens Holds Appeal for Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims

April 8, 2001

Source: New York Daily News

On April 8, 2001, the New York Daily News reported on St. Benedict Joseph Labre School in Richmond Hill, in Queens. It is a Catholic school, but "about 20% of the students are Sikhs, 20% are Hindus and 5% are Muslim." Many of the Hindu and Sikh mothers "said they like the structure, morality and emphasis on education at St. Benedict Joseph Labre." Administrators and students report that everyone at the school respects differences in religion or racial background.

Research Group Documents Religious Diversity in the Bible Belt

April 1, 2001

Source: The Tennessean

On April 1, 2001, The Tennessean reported that the Bible Belt is now home to "Six Buddhist communities. Five Jewish congregations. Five Islamic mosques. A Baha'i center. A Hindu temple and a Hindu ashram, or teaching abode. Plus assorted Sikhs and Jains...Others exist, too." Tom Russell, a...

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Sikh Ceremony Involves 48 Hours of Continuous Reading

March 24, 2001

Source: The Dallas Morning News

On March 24, 2001, The Dallas Morning News reported on the Sikh ceremony called the Akhand Path, which is a is a continuous reading of the 1,430 pages of the Sikh sacred book, the Sri Guru Granth. The ceremony, born in India two centuries ago as a reaction to persecution, has become a mark of the faith's identity in 21st-century America." The ceremony can be done to celebrate miny special occasions.

Sikh Center In Queens Serves Variety of Functions

March 11, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On March 11, 2001, The New York Times reported on the Sikh Cultural Center in Richmond Hill, Queens, "one of the oldest and largest Sikh temples...on the East Coast." Besides being a place of worship, it provides immigrants with food, shelter, and English classes, and it teaches youth about their faith and culture. More than 1,000 Sikhs usually show up for Sunday services.

Ohio Interfaith Association Works for Peace and Human Rights

February 16, 2001

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

On February 16, 2001, The Columbus Dispatch reported on the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, which has 350 members from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Baha'ism, Islam and Judaism. All are volunteers. "The missions of the association...are to educate its members and the public about customs of different faiths and to provide interfaith public worship and ceremonies related to local and global concerns." The association's projects, which range from peace-training programs in public schools to the creation of...

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U.S. Responds to Earthquake in India

February 8, 2001

Source: The Boston Herald

On February 8, 2001, The Boston Herald reported that "the local Indian community plans to adopt families, villages and schools in the earthquake-ravaged Gujarat region and target donations and long-term support...The groups decided to pool their efforts in order to get the most for each dollar raised...The meeting of 22 Indian social organizations in Cambridge Sunday brought together Hindus, Moslems, Jains and Sikhs, and people from diverse Indian regions and ethnic groups." One local group, Hindu Swayansewak Sangh, has raised...

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Sikh Center to be Site of Free Medical Clinic

November 20, 2000

Source: Los Angeles Times

On November 20, 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported that "the Indian Medical Assn. of Southern California is proposing to open a free medical clinic at the Sikh Center in Santa Ana. The Sikh Center is offering the group of doctors free use of a house on its campus for the clinic. The two groups are negotiating over hours and how much space the clinic would need. The plan is to help not only center members, but also those in the surrounding community who can't afford health care, said Dr. Sudeep Kukreja, president of the 600-member...

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Los Angeles Sikhs Celebrate Guru Nanak's Birthday

November 11, 2000

Source: Los Angeles Times

On November 11, 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported that "Southern California Sikhs on Sunday will celebrate the 531st birthday of Guru Nanak, founder of what is now the fifth largest religion in the world. Guru Nanak was born in 1469 in the small village of Talwandi in what is today Pakistan. The son of Hindus, he is said to have received a call from God while bathing in the Bein River. Emerging three days later, followers say, he declared, 'There is no Hindu or Muslim,' and founded a religion based on the unity, equality and...

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New Sikh Gurdwara Sparks Debate in Washington

November 9, 2000

Source: The Washington Post

On November 9, 2000,the Washington Post reported that "after two years of waiting, and over the continuing objections of concerned neighbors, a local Sikh religious community got the go-ahead last week from the Montgomery County Planning Commission to build a temple just outside Laytonsville. Called a Gurdwara, or 'door to the master,' the two-story, 35-foot-tall building is to be constructed on a six-acre lot at Woodfield and Warfield roads, along with a 75-space parking lot...The roughly 700 Sikhs to be served by the Gurdwara,...

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