Public Paganism

While Pagan practice is sometimes kept private, it is also made public through open rituals and festivals, interfaith dialogue, involvement in civil rights campaigns, and organization at conferences like the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Such publicity, to some degree, has helped Paganism shed its negative reputation in contemporary America.... Read more about Public Paganism

What Do Pagans Do?

Pagan traditions and expressions vary widely and can involve communal outdoor rituals, solitary meditation or contemplation, or the use of symbols, talismans, or altars. Pagan magick is a spiritual practice aimed at creating change in an individual and in the world through prayer and physical actions.... Read more about What Do Pagans Do?

Traditions, Texts, and Values

A series of academic studies on Paganism in the mid-20th century, some of which have since been challenged, helped to revitalize the tradition and provided inspiration for contemporary practice. Pagan beliefs differ, but many uphold the pluralistic view that there are many valid religious paths. In addition most Pagans privilege an individual's spiritual knowledge and experience over any organized form of religion or spirituality.... Read more about Traditions, Texts, and Values

Sacred Bodies

Today, many people are drawn to Paganism for its affirmation of female, LGBT, and queer people. Prominent queer practitioners like Zsusanna Budapest and T. Thorn Coyle have helped pioneer the tradition for the modern era.... Read more about Sacred Bodies

Cycles of Celebration

Pagan celebrations are often linked to agricultural cycles, reinforcing Pagans’ attunement to the natural world and its seasonal changes. Specific Pagan practitioners may celebrate additional holidays related to deities or historical traditions.... Read more about Cycles of Celebration

Contemporary Resurgence in America

More and more Americans identify as Pagan today and are drawn to this tradition for many reasons, including its life-affirming spirituality and its reverence for the feminine. Although many Pagans tend toward more individualistic religious practice, many American Pagans have begun to gather more often in person and over the internet.... Read more about Contemporary Resurgence in America

Ancient Roots, Historical Challenges

Although ancient Pagan religious practices, including deity worship and seasonal rituals, have been syncretized for millennia with Christian and other religious traditions, witchcraft was outlawed and persecuted in early modern Europe and America. A series of accusations of witchcraft and investigations involving torture led to the killing of thousands, if not millions.... Read more about Ancient Roots, Historical Challenges

How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals - Los Angeles Times

July 11, 2019
“This is a worldwide, but certainly American, trend toward heterodoxy — toward individuals cooking up their own spiritual or religious stew and cooking it up their way,” Burklo said. “You’re seeing an aggregation of disaffiliation, people coming up with their own meaning-making and their own personal spiritualities.”

Source: How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals - Los Angeles Times