Wicca is the name of one of the major streams of contemporary American Paganism. The term "wicca" comes from the Old English term "wicce," pronounced "witche." It referred to the "Old Religion," called Witchcraft or simply the Craft. Many Wiccans in America today deliberately choose to call themselves "Witches," claiming the very name for which women and men of centuries past were persecuted.


Runes originated in 4th century Scandinavia as a divinatory alphabet. In Paganism, small stones printed with runes are employed for both divination and magick. Each character is said to have a special spiritual significance, particularly when drawn in response to a question or issue.


Samhain is an originally Irish holiday, now commonly known as Halloween. Celebrated on October 31, it is the night of the year when the veil between the spirit and the material worlds is the thinnest. It is thought to be the best night for communicating with the dead or receiving messages from the spirit world. Many Pagans honor their ancestors at this time of the year.