About the Case Initiative

In 2005, the Pluralism Project began an experiment to creatively apply the case method to the dilemmas and disputes of multireligious America. How might this pedagogy change the way we teach—and how students learn? Since that time, we have developed a small library of decision-based cases, have hosted convenings on case teaching, have fostered new collaborations, and are developing a cohort of educators who are integrating the case method in...

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World Religions in Greater Boston

Boston's Religious History

Well before its founding in 1630, the city of Boston has been profoundly shaped by the religious communities that call it home. While the Freedom Trail commemorates many of the city’s earliest Christian influences, including Christ Church in the City of Boston (the famed “Old North Church” of Henry...

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Since the Pluralism Project began in 1991, its work has been shaped by the staff, student researchers, and affiliates who spent countless hours visiting religious houses of worship, conducting interviews, and capturing images. Below you can find the current staff and student researchers, but you can also learn more about our past contributors—including former affiliates and...

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Hospitals in a New Era

Hospitals work to actively engage in pluralism by creating educational programs that introduce future medical professionals to different religious communities, bringing in clergy and other faith leaders to provide support for patients and their families, and changing the physical space within hospitals to accommodate worship, meditation, and prayer. Hospital leaders aim to recognize the importance of varied religious practices around sickness and death and to attempt to honor them, while simultaneously providing optimal medical care.... Read more about Hospitals in a New Era

Sharing Prayers, Sharing Space

Sharing Prayers, Sharing SpaceIn seeking to worship together, members of different faiths often encounter logistical and spatial problems. Deeper questions, such as what language and prayers are appropriate at interfaith gatherings, also arise. Alternative forms of prayer and new, deliberately “multi-faith” spaces aim to solve these problems.... Read more about Sharing Prayers, Sharing Space

Common Cause in Social Action

Common Cause in Social ActionMotivated by shared values of peace and justice, members of different religious backgrounds have created organizations dedicated to promoting social action for the common good. Whether opposing gun violence, promoting labor rights, or creating dialogue on college campuses, these groups draw support for their activism from various religious foundations.... Read more about Common Cause in Social Action