Showing Up for Shabbat

After the shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, a national Jewish organization announces an interfaith “Show Up for Shabbat” event. Rabbi Joel Sisenwine agrees to open the doors of the temple, but questions the value of an interfaith event when his community is seeking safety and security.... Read more about Showing Up for Shabbat

Cultivating Change

Tom Spencer is the newly-hired CEO of a struggling Austin interfaith organization. With the organization “bleeding money,” is it time to close the doors or take a closer look at the organization’s purpose and brand?... Read more about Cultivating Change

A Call to Prayer

As a request to broadcast the call to prayer in the tiny city of Hamtramck, Michigan becomes a matter of public debate, how will city council president Karen Majewski--and the diverse citizens of Hamtramck--respond? ... Read more about A Call to Prayer

Adding Eid

Jeff Young, the incoming superintendent of schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is asked to add Eid to the public school calendar. What are his options?... Read more about Adding Eid