Appointment of Muslim to National Counter-Terrorism Commission Creates a Stir

July 5, 1999

Source: Los Angeles Times

On July 5, 1999, the Los Angeles Times reported that the appointment of Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, by House Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt to a national counter-terrorism commission has come under attack by major Jewish organizations. Muslim Americans hail the appointment as a "sign that Washington is finally giving them a voice in policymaking." Al-Marayati looks forward to the position: "I hope to broaden the discussion on terrorism by looking at its root...

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Muslim Police Officer Suspended for Goatee in New York

July 4, 1999

Source: The New York Times

On July 4, 1999, The New York Times reported that Christopher M. Letz, a six-year veteran of the New York State Park Police, was suspended on June 22nd, 1999 for insubordination because he grew a goatee, which is against department regulations. Letz, who grew the goatee to comply with Muslim teachings, was inspired by a March 1999 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals that blocked the dismissal of two Muslim police officers in Newark, New Jersey for growing beards for religious reasons. Though Officer Letz is not in favor of...

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Possible Anti-Muslim Attacks Prove to be a Hoax

July 3, 1999

Source: The Beacon News

While on July 3, 1999, The Beacon News of Aurora, Illinois reported that a Muslim man, Tarell Rodgers, had been attacked in a mosque by three white men and on July 7th, that his garage had been set on fire, by July 9th the paper reported that Rodgers admitted to fabricating these attacks.

Appointment of Muslim to National Counter-Terrorism Commission Creates a Stir

July 2, 1999

Source: Los Angeles Times

On July 2, 1999, the Los Angeles Times published an article by Laila and Salam Al-Marayati on the attempts of Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) to disturb Jewish-Muslim relations and block appointments to federal commissions. The Al-Marayatis call for moderation and dialogue to help foster a "viable and mature Jewish-Muslim relationship." "Our major concern is not with promoting any particular foreign group but with enriching the democratic process of debate in America. Our approach is to educate American policymakers and...

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Islamic Community in Buffalo Wants to Create a Cemetery

June 25, 1999

Source: The Buffalo News

On June 25, 1999, The Buffalo News reported that the leaders of the Darul-Uloom Al-Madania congregation in Buffalo, New York want county permission to buy city land and create a cemetery for Muslims within city limits. The congregation of 150 Muslims, which is located in the former Polish National Cathedral in Buffalo, has put forth the first proposal in more than a century seeking to open a new cemetery within city limits.

Muslims in the Workplace

June 25, 1999


On June 25, 1999, USA Today published an article looking at the problems Muslims have encountered in the United States' workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and its affiliates received 440 complaints from Muslims in 1998, up 42% from 1994. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) received 135 workplace discrimination complaints for the year ending March 1999, up 13% from the same period last year. CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper stated: "Our biggest obstacle has been ignorance on the part of employers - not...

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Channel One News Features Islam

June 23, 1999

Source: CAIR

On June 23, 1999, the Council on American-Islamic Relations reported that Channel One News, a private educational channel sent via satellite to 12,000 middle and high schools in the United States, has featured Islam in a story entitled "One Nation: Islam in America."

NYPD Appoint First Muslim Chaplain

June 4, 1999

Source: New York Daily News

On June 4, 1999, the Daily News reported that Imam Izak-El Mu'eed Pasha of the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque in Harlem, New York was appointed as the first Muslim chaplain in New York Police history. Pasha, who heads the historic Temple No. 7 that was once led by Malcolm X, lobbied for the chaplaincy after the controversial killing of Abner Louima, a Muslim, by a police officer. Pasha stated: "We hope that we will help all people, not just Muslims, but all people of faith and people not of faith."

Mosque Vandalized in Illinois

May 24, 1999

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

On May 24, 1999, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the mosque at the Islamic Foundation in Villa Park, Illinois was vandalized when a basketball-sized concrete block was thrown through the mosque's windows on the morning of May 15th, 1999. Though the vandals left no sign of anti-Islamic graffiti, members of the mosque believe it was a hate crime because of the size of the rock and the repeated presence of a white van with four teenagers outside the mosque on the morning of May 15th. Religious leaders in the Chicago area have...

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Islamic Community in Boston to Build Large Center

May 18, 1999

Source: The Boston Globe

On May 18, 1999, The Boston Globe published an article on the new Islamic Institute of Boston, a planned 60,00-square-foot facility that is expected to open late next year on city-owned property next to Roxbury Community College. The Islamic Society of Boston has been using a mosque in Cambridge for the past four years, but soon it became inadequate for the growing Muslim population in Boston. The Muslim population in Massachusetts has been estimated at 40-50,000, which is about double that of 20 years ago. Dr. Muhammad Attawia,...

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Interview with Imam Warith Deen Mohammed

May 15, 1999

Source: Los Angeles Times

On May 15, 1999, the Los Angeles Times published an interview with Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, son of Elijah Mohammed and leader of the Muslim American Society, which has about 1.5 million members. Mohammed stated that the biggest challenge facing American Muslims today is "to be rightly identified for what is truly Islam and what is truly Muslim life." With community development now as his top priority, Mohammed is now promoting a self-help economic project called the collective purchasing agreement, which has brought together...

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Bomb Plot Against Denver Mosque

May 15, 1999

Source: The Denver Post

On May 15, 1999, The Denver Post reported that Jack M. Modig was charged with attempted first-degree arson of the Colorado Muslim Society's Islamic Center southeast of Denver. He was caught on the night of May 12th in front of the mosque in a car that had a "small arsenal of weapons, black clothing, tactical goggles, and writings indicating his hatred for Muslims and his desire to bomb the mosque." Some Muslims were hesitant to attend services on Friday, but others wanted to come to midday prayers in order to show that the mosque...

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