Editorial: "Seeing Ourselves"

October 21, 2001

Source: The Washington Post

On October 21, 2001, The Washington Post featured an editorial by Diana Abu-Jaber, "Seeing Ourselves." She wrote, "In the wake of terrorism it's natural to feel frightened, angry and disoriented. But to honor our dead and to strengthen our living, we must draw together, recognizing our mutual humanity. We must be at peace -- at the very least -- with ourselves...

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Editorial: "Bias has Always Existed but Now is More Overt"

October 21, 2001

Source: The Boston Globe

On October 21, 2001, The Boston Globe featured an essay by Christina Safiya Tobias-Nahi, an American Muslim who works for the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, an organization "founded in 1996 to support racial and ethnic justice through research and advocacy." The editorial discusses several stories of discrimination Muslims have faced in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks. Tobias-Nahi has been active in the Civil Rights Project's working group to address Muslim civil rights concerns.

Muslims in the Military

October 21, 2001

Source: Los Angeles Times

On October 21, 2001, the Los Angeles Times featured a story on a 38 year-old sailor in the US Navy named Fawaz, who is the Muslim lay leader of an aircraft carrier. The article reported that "these days, counseling and rallying the smattering of Muslim sailors are no simple tasks. It is a trying time to be Muslim, a draining time to be military and a wrenching time to be both...The United States is assaulting Afghanistan with a relentless string of bombing raids. The U.S. government has vowed, time and again, that the 'war on...

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Joint Statement of Concern Regarding Civil Liberties

October 19, 2001

Source: American Muslim Council,86571,

On October 19, 2001. The American Muslim Council issued a press release stating that "The American Muslim Council, along with other groups of Christian, Muslim, and Unitarian Universalist religious organizations, sent a letter to Members of Congress and the Administration today expressing concerns over the civil liberties, including religious...

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Japanese-Americans Speak Out Against Backlash

October 18, 2001

Source: The KCRA Channel

On October 18, 2001, The KCRA Channel in Sacramento reported, "Japanese-Americans Join Fight Against Hate Crimes: Groups Band Together To Decry Arab, Sikh And Muslim Hate Crimes." The article reported on backlash, including an incident in which a local mosque was blockaded by tractors. "'Sixty years ago,...

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Muslims in Laramie, Wyoming Find Bias and Kindness

October 18, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On October 18, 2001, The New York Times published the article, "Tough but Hopeful Weeks for the Muslims of Laramie." The article detailed the acts of both bias and kindness experienced by the small Muslim community of Laramie, Wyoming. It noted, "Laramie is where Matthew Shepard, a gay University of Wyoming student, was beaten, tied to a fence post and left to die in 1998. But the town is now invoking Mr. Shepard's name as a call for tolerance to let Laramie's Muslims know they can live here without fear."

Scarves Show Solidarity

October 18, 2001

Source: The Detroit Free Press

On October 18, 2001, The Detroit Free Press reported "dozens of non-Muslim women at Wayne State have chosen to wear defense of Muslims harassed since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The university is the latest to join a growing worldwide campaign urging non-Muslim women to show support by wearing hijab. 'Scarves for Solidarity' events have been held in...

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Seattle Bus Driver Disciplined for Anti-Muslim Sign

October 18, 2001

Source: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

On October 18, 2001, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported "Bus driver disciplined for insult to Muslims." The article stated, "A Metro driver has been disciplined for posting a sign in his bus Sept. 14 that reportedly urged people to be unsympathetic toward all Muslims." Passengers complained to the bus driver about the signs: "'We said, "This is hatred,"' said Donia...

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