Christians, Jews Join Muslims

January 26, 2007

Author: Gregg Krupa

Source: The Detroit News

DETROIT -- In a striking display of determination to stand against hatred and bigotry, about 30 leaders of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities in Metro Detroit gathered Thursday to say that vandalism and other incidents at four mosques in the past month are attacks not only against Islam, but against all faiths.


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Mosques Enlisted to Battle Taboo

January 26, 2007


Source: The Press-Enterprise

Inland mosques and public health researchers in Los Angeles hope to improve breast cancer awareness among Muslim women through local educational programs and a broader study of attitudes about the disease.

Muslim women get breast cancer less frequently than the general...

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Human Rights Awards Celebrate Beaverton’s Diversity

January 25, 2007

Author: Christina Lent

Source: The Beaverton Valley Times

Beaverton’s four diversity awards presented Monday night honored citizens working to encourage cultural understanding, diversity awareness, tolerance and acceptance.

The Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission presented its annual Individual Achievement Award to former...

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"Muslims on Television," a Commentary by Amir Hussain

January 25, 2007

Author: Amir Hussain

Source: Martin Marty Center/University of Chicago

Last November, over 10,000 scholars of religion from across North America and around the world gathered in Washington, D.C., for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. A keynote speaker was to have been European Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan, but...

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Liaison Strives to Bridge Police, Muslim Cultures

January 24, 2007

Author: Robin Shulman

Source: The Washington Post

At the headquarters of the New York Police Department, in a high-ceilinged, wood-floored room, Erhan Yildirim is speaking to a group of officers. As he lists facts about Islam, they crack their gum and tap their feet. Yildirim is slighter, shorter and snazzier -- in a sleek Turkish-made...

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Australian Muslims Need Leadership

January 23, 2007

Author: Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Source: Online Opinion

In Australia, 1.5 per cent of total population is Muslim and Islam is the third most common religion after Christianity and Buddhism. Australian Muslims are a mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds but are dominated by the Lebanese and Turkish.

In the last 30 years the religious leaders and imams have demonstrated a great...

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Detroit Mosque Vandalized

January 23, 2007

Author: Niraj Warikoo

Source: Detroit Free Press

A Detroit mosque was vandalized this week with anti-Muslim graffiti that reads in large capital letters: "Go Home 911 Murderers."

The original Islamic Center of America, on the corner of Joy and Greenfield roads, was struck sometime early Monday or late Sunday, said local Muslims. The mosque moved in...

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BRA Seeks to Block Mosque Questions

January 23, 2007

Author: Charles A. Radin and Matt Viser

Source: The Boston Globe

The Boston Redevelopment Authority went to court yesterday to prevent four of its key officials from having to answer questions under oath about a deal in which a city-owned parcel of land was transferred to an Islamic group for construction of a mosque.

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Islamic Center Target of Vandals

January 21, 2007

Author: Pratik Joshi

Source: Tri-City Herald

Mohammed Ahmed of Kennewick was shocked to find a broken window at the Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities when he went there for prayers.

On the ground, below the shattered window, was a rock. And Ahmed, a former president of the center, said this wasn't the first time the center has been targeted by vandals....

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Critics Interrupt Speaker's Talk on Islam

January 21, 2007

Author: Jeff Hood

Source: The Record

STOCKTON - A talk on the basic tenets of Islam was repeatedly interrupted Saturday by a few anti-Muslim members of a crowd at the Cesar Chavez Central Library.

One woman was forced to leave early in the two-hour program after she accused guest speaker Tarek Mourad of lying, yelling that Islam's holy...

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