Sydney Students Turn to Hinduism

March 2, 2007

Source: Hindustan Times


Hinduism, one of the oldest religions of the world, is now a subject of study at the University of Sydney.

Julian Droogan, a lecturer with the department of studies in religion, will take a group of his students for a tour of the local Sri Venkateswara temple to introduce them to the vibrant, dynamic and colourful world of Hinduism.

The tour will help them to understand the significance of art, architecture and symbols in the Hindu religion and...

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City Reviews Adding Prayer

February 27, 2007


Source: Orange County Register


VILLA PARK - A question of whether to perform invocations at City Council meetings has stirred up debate in this small town.

Unlike neighboring cities, Villa Park has left out prayers at its official gatherings for decades. Former city leaders occasionally brought up the issue but never changed the way the meetings were structured. Recently, the City Council resurrected...

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Hindu Chaplain Installed At University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

February 22, 2007

Source: Hindu Press International


DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS, February 20, 2007: In one of the unique events that took place in the history of the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Swami Yogatmananda was installed as the Hindu Chaplain of the University, amongst the invocations to the beholder of the universe, chanting of peace mantra for the planet and echoes of conch blowing. The installation ceremony was graced by Dr....

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Mahashivaratri in New Jersey

February 22, 2007

Source: Chennai Online


Just like Ganesh Chaturti celebrates the birthday of Lord Ganesha, and Navaratri celebrates the magnificence of the Devis, Mahashivaratri commemorates the lord of yoga and dhyana, Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is known as Maheswar, Kailashpati, Shankar, Bholenath, Neelakanth and many others. Lord Shiva is also renowned for his forgiveness, and magnanimous...

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UK Police to Start Hindu Safety Forum

February 22, 2007

Source: Daily News and Analysis


LONDON: Britain's Metropolitan Police has assured the Hindu community here that it will take action against aggressive conversion techniques and intimidation being employed against Hindu girls by radical Muslim groups in university campuses.

This was announced on Wednesday at a conference organised by the Hindu Forum of Britain and the National Hindu Students Forum.


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Japan Wants to Encourage Studies of Hindu Gods

February 21, 2007

Author: Satyen Mohapatra

Source: Hindustan Times


Japan wants to encourage studies of Hindu gods and goddesses found in their country. Saraswati, Laxmi, Brahma, Ganesha among large number of other deities are still prayed to there though under a different names.

Saraswati's sketches (Benzaiten in Japanese) sanctify kitchens in rural areas of Japan even now, says...

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BBC Radio Program Explores Young Hindus in UK

February 18, 2007

Source: BBC World Service


LONDON, ENGLAND, February 18, 2007: The BBC has an audio program called "Heart and Soul" which is broadcast on the Internet.

The description reads, "Hinduism In Britain Today: Until recently, Hindus in Britain were the quiet minority apparently untouched by the fundamentalism, or religious sensitivities experienced by other minority faiths.

Now that...

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Japan's Hindu Linkages Still Alive

February 17, 2007

Source: RxPG News


By IANS, [RxPG] New Delhi, Feb 17 - Apart from the widely known fact that Buddhism in Japan has its origin in India, not many probably know that so many Hindu deities surround the life of a Japanese.

Speaking at a lecture titled 'Hindu Gods and Goddesses rooted to Japan' here Friday, Lokesh Chandra, the director of International Academy of Indian...

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Protesters Demand Nepal Revert to Hindu State

February 17, 2007

Source: Turkish Press


Kathmandu-Around 1,000 protesters have rallied in Nepal's capital to demand that the Himalayan nation revert to being a Hindu state after the government declared the country secular.

Nepal was the world's only Hindu nation until the government made it a secular country last year following massive protests which forced its Hindu monarch to end his absolute rule.

King Gyanendra is viewed by...

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"Many Assumptions Collapse as Jewish Author Studies America’s Muslims," a Commentary by Paul M. Barrett

February 16, 2007

Author: Paul M. Barrett

Source: The Columbus Dispatch


"Did they know you were Jewish? "

I often hear that question when people learn I’ve spent four years researching and writing a book about American Muslims. The answer is yes, and rather than hinder my reporting, disclosure usually...

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