Buddhism's History in Russia Linked to Mongolian Nomads

November 30, 2004

Source: Slate


On November 30, 2004 Slate reported, "After denying the Dalai Lama's visa requests for years, Russia has finally relented and allowed the Buddhist spiritual leader to visit the country. He will spend most of his time in the southern republic of Kalmykia, half of whose 300,000 residents are practicing Buddhists. How did there come to be so many Buddhists living in Kalmykia, an Ireland-sized region on Europe's eastern edge, thousands of miles...

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Largest Shaolin Buddhist Temple Outside China Opens in Berlin

November 26, 2004

Source: Deutsche Welle


On November 26, 2004 Deutsche Welle reported, "The ancient order of the Shaolin fighting monks have a new home in the German capital after the largest Shaolin Buddhist temple outside China opened in Berlin on Thursday...Shaolin is a school of Buddhism, founded in the middle of the first millenneum in the Henan...

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Government Allows Dalai Lama to Visit

November 26, 2004

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

http ://w ww.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2004/11/26/international0815EST0472.DTL

On November 26, 2004 San Francisco Chronicle reported, "The Foreign Ministry has decided to grant the Dalai Lama a visa, reversing course after refusing earlier requests amid China's objections to allowing the spiritual leader to visit Russia, a spokesman said Friday. The Dalai Lama would be allowed to travel to the majority-Buddhist Kalmykia republic and his visit would be of a 'solely...

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Interfaith Thanksgiving in Denver

November 26, 2004

Source: Rocky Mountain News


On November 26, 2004 Rocky Mountain News reported, "nearly 600 people gathered Thursday to break bread, pray, sing America the Beautiful and laugh at Rabbi Steven Foster's vintage quips. Once again, Denver's long-running interfaith service helped launch Thanksgiving in multicultural style... Started in the 1880s, this year'...

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Buddhist Festival of Thanksgiving in Marina, CA

November 25, 2004

Source: Monterey Herald


On November 25, 2004 Monterey Herald reported, "a festival celebrating Thai culture is floating to Marina [CA] for the first time this weekend. The Loy Kratong festival is part Thanksgiving, part Valentine's Day and part toy boat race. The name refers to small boats, made of banana leaves or colored paper, that celebrants use to float flower arrangements...

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CA Buddhist Temple Celebrates End of Rainy Season

November 21, 2004

Source: North County Times


On November 21, 2004 North County Times reported, "just hours after storm clouds cleared from a massive rainstorm Sunday morning, the Thai Buddhist Temple in Escondido celebrated the Kathina, a yearly celebration marking the ceremonial end to the eastern rainy season. The yearly celebration at the temple, which coincidentally took place...

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Interfaith Vigil Prays for Peace in South

November 19, 2004

Source: Phuket Gazette


On November 19, 2004 the Phuket Gazette reported, "About 500 people, including local leaders of the major faiths in Thailand, held a mass session yesterday to pray for peace to return to the troubled provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat.

The congregation gathered at Phuket Provincial Hall in�support of the government’s call for mass prayer, which Phuket Governor Udomsak...

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Westerns Go East to Learn About Buddhism

November 16, 2004

Source: Voice of America


On November 16, 2004 Voice of America ran a feature article on Westerners traveling east to learn about Buddhism. The article focused on several different Western students of Buddhism: "Jeffrey Oliver, an Australian with a relaxed presence and penetrating blue eyes, is discussing Vipassana, or insight meditation, at a large temple in Bangkok... Mr. Oliver was a...

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Queen Calls for End to Violence in Southern Part of Country

November 16, 2004

Source: BBC News


On November 16, 2004 the BBC News reported, "The Queen of Thailand has made a rare public appeal calling for an end to the violence in the country's south.

During a 45-minute televised address, Queen Sirikit spoke of the suffering of ordinary Thais caught in the violence.

Earlier, Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra blamed the violence on Thai Muslims who had studied Islam...

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Escondido Temple Approved

November 10, 2004

Source: North Carolina Times


On November 10, 2004 North Carolina Times reported, "the City Council reversed itself and voted Wednesday to allow a Tibetan Buddhist center on a cul-de-sac, after praising both neighbors and the developer for stopping a months-long fight and finding a compromise. The council voted 3-2, with council members Ed Gallo and Marie Waldron...

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