Rural Winchester Area Home to Buddhist Temple

March 5, 2008


Source: The Buddhist Channel/The Californian


It's an unlikely setting for Buddhist monks native to Southeast Asia. In a rural neighborhood near Leon and Scott roads - between a recreational vehicle storage lot, horse corrals and an empty field - two monks live a devotional existence, their days full of meditation, study and prayer.

The temple of these...

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Harvard Groups Discuss Nirvana

March 3, 2008


Source: The Buddhist Channel/The Harvard Crimson


The Harvard College Buddhist Community and Dharma, Harvard’s Hindu students association, came together for the first time this weekend in a two-part event to discuss the concepts of nirvana, the Buddhist term that describes perfect peace of mind, and moksha, the Hindu concept of self-realization and liberation from...

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Armies of the Enlightened

March 1, 2008

Author: Christian Caryl

Source: Newsweek


In recent years, massive groups of fervent believers have taken to the streets of Asia with angry political demands. They've railed against government corruption, condemned the onslaught of Western values and decried the erosion of traditional morals. Having built an extensive network of grass-roots aid groups, their numbers are exploding. Some have even picked up arms to defend their beliefs....

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Monks and Nuns in Court over September Protests

February 29, 2008

Author: MIN LWIN

Source: The Buddhist Channel/The Irrawaddy


Nine monks and seven nuns - some of them elderly - were awaiting sentence after facing charges of involvement in last September’s protests against Burma’s ruling junta, according to opposition sources and witnesses in Rangoon.

Witnesses said that eight monks and seven nuns from Thitsar Tharaphu Monastery...

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State High Court Hears Buddhist Temple Case

February 29, 2008

Author: Jim Brooks

Source: NWANews/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


A dispute over control of a Buddhist temple was the subject of oral arguments Thursday in the state Supreme Court, one issue being who should have been allowed to vote in an election in which rival groups sought the Wat Buddha Samakitham temple in Fort Smith.

An attorney for one group argued that a circuit judge had improperly intervened in...

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Theravada Buddhist Programme Organized at Kursk

February 28, 2008

Author: Srimal Silva

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Sinhalaya News Agency


The students of Kursk State Medical University (KSMU), in Russia organized a Theravada Buddhist religious programme on the 10th of February within the university premises.

This was a first for any Russian city other than Moscow, and the event occurred in Kursk, the city with the largest Sri Lankan student...

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Adding a Little Harmony

February 25, 2008


Source: The Buddhist Channel/Northern Advocate


A BUDDHIST Stupa which aims to emit special energy bringing peace and harmony to the surrounding community was opened on top of a hill overlooking Whangarei yesterday.

As dark clouds blackened the city, sun shone on the Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Parakiore Rd where the Stupa has been completed after...

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Insurgency Hotbeds Increase in Thailand

February 23, 2008


Source: Fox News

Wire Service: AP


The tea shop is abandoned. Rubber plantations stand untended. Soldiers constantly patrol the one-lane road leading into this Muslim village.

Rae Poh was once designated a "green zone" village, one of more than 1,600 such islands of peace amid the violence that...

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Church Gives Generously to a Centre for all Faiths

February 22, 2008

Author: Ruth Gledhill

Source: The Times


A diocese of the Church of England is giving an unprecedented £250,000 towards a multifaith building in which the largest amount of worship space will be reserved for Muslims.

The Guildford diocese is one of the wealthiest in the UK. The Bishop of Guildford, the Right Rev Christopher Hill, gave the £250,000 cheque...

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Fire Leaves Buddhist Temple Ruined

February 22, 2008


Source: The Buddhist Channel/Sun Media


A blaze that sent worshippers fleeing out the back door of a Northeast London Buddhist temple has left many elderly Cambodians with no place to gather. For seven years, the Khmer Buddhist Temple has served as a sort of community centre for many Cambodians who arrived in the 1980s but until 2001 would gather to worship in a...

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China Official Explains Religion Policy

February 20, 2008


Source: AP

A senior Chinese official is trying to calm U.S. misgivings ahead of Beijing's coming Olympic Games about what the Bush administration sees as religious intolerance.

In Washington, the director of China's religious affairs bureau met with U.S. officials and spoke at Georgetown University.

Ye Xiaowen told reporters Wednesday, after talks with Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky, that China's peaceful development depends upon its respect for human rights and...

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