Zoroastrian New Year's Celebration with a Newly Arrived Afghan Family

March 21, 2002

Source: The Detroit Free-Press


On March 21, 2002, The Detroit Free-Press featured the story "Afghan family reflects on new life in America." It reported on the experiences of the Sadat family in Lansing: "Wednesday, the first day of spring, was a special day for Lansing's struggling Afghan community. It was Nowruz (pronounced No-ROOZ), a New Year's holiday that's a major celebration of the year in Afghanistan, Iran and neighboring countries that share ... [the religious heritage of] Zoroastrianism. For [Samira] Sadat and her family, it was a time to share traditional treats, including a dish made of seven kinds of dried fruit and nuts. It was also a time to reflect on what they've left behind and where their lives are going... This year's Nowruz was different. There were no new clothes. Everyone in the Sadat family is wearing hand-me-downs from a local church. ... The old frame house her family shares doesn't feel like home. 'We miss our people, our culture, our religion,' Sadat said. 'It's quite different here. I don't know yet if I will stay. I can't decide yet.'"