Young Hindu Voter Defends Republican Stance

February 2, 2004

Source: Indian Life & Style Magazine

On February 2, 2004 Indian Life & Style Magazine published a commentary by a young Hindu- American voter, Rohini Khanna: "Seeing my parents passionately exercising their constitutionally-given right to representation and giving back to the community, I, too, have espoused these values. As immigrants who have lived the American dream, they raised me in a home that balanced Hindu practices and mainstream American ideology. Lessons from this environment and from my childhood friends and social studies classes helped me realize the Republican Party pursues my beliefs and vision for a better America. Many people object to my commitment to the Republican Party and Republican activism on the ground that this party does not encourage minority/immigrant issues. My response: There are no such issues. There are only issues that affect all of us Americans as citizens."