Young Buddhist, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus Share Experiences in Forum on Religious Diversity

May 31, 2004

Source: The Straits Times,4386,253706,00.html

On May 31, 2004 The Straits Times reported, "Being a Muslim in a Catholic school gave Ms. Iva Aminuddin the chance to talk about Islam at length to curious friends. 'It made me more aware of my own religion,' said Ms. Iva, 25, a civil servant and member of Mendaki Club. She was one of four speakers at a forum on dealing with religious diversity held yesterday. 'I knew the Catholic hymns by heart but it did not make me feel a lesser Muslim. I continued to attend madrasah classes at the mosque every weekend.' Her three best friends then were Catholics and it was not an issue until it came to eating. Most fast-food restaurants were not halal then, but she would go along 'and pretend I wasn't hungry, as I would rather be included'. The young speakers, representing Buddhists, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus, addressed an audience of 60 on issues from evangelism to tolerance."