"Years after 9-11, American Muslims Increasingly Targets of Hate," a Commentary by Ralph De La Cruz

May 8, 2007

Author: Ralph De La Cruz

Source: Sun Sentinel


Sometimes it takes a real yahoo to wake up a village.

So, just wanted to say thanks to the person who sent Altaf Ali, executive director of the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a death threat last week.

It carried the usual "Death to Islam" rantings. But this one also had the chilling message: "Altaf Ali is a walking dead man."

Good job. We needed the wake-up call.

Needed to remember that, six years after 9-11, Muslims in America continue to be the targets of violence and abuse.

We especially need it now, with President Bush threatening a veto of legislation that would expand the national hate crime law. Currently, the federal government is only allowed to get involved if a hate crime specifically targets a federally protected activity. Voting, for example.