Yale Students Cultivate Understanding Through Faith and Environment Group

April 19, 2004

Source: Yale Daily News


On April 19, 2004 the Yale Daily News reported, "A group of religious Yalies in search of sunshine and spirituality Friday found it in a day of weeding and trellis-building at the Yale Organic Garden on Edwards Street. The newly-formed Faith and Environment group's first event included several presentations on religion and the environmental movement in addition to the garden work. 'I myself had worries about whether my faith and my love for the environment could co-exist," group member Chelsea Purvis '06 said. "Really, there is a great basis [in religion] for environmental justice as well as social justice.' Amanda Chavez '05 said she started the group this semester to educate religious people about the environmental movement and to reconcile faith with environmental care. Chavez said she wanted to help students of faith clear up common misconceptions of environmental conservatism in religion."