Wyo. State Prison Caters to Inmates' Religions

April 7, 2010

Author: Nicholas DeMarino

Source: CBS4/Rawlins Daily Times

Wire Service: AP


There's a Native American talking stick mounted on the wall, a series of volumes about Scientology on the bookshelf and a few Bibles strewn about Raymond Spray's office in the south facility of the Wyoming State Penitentiary.

"We recognize 17 different (religious) groups at the prison," Spray said. "We've got probably 11 of them operating here."

Spray has been the WSP chaplain for two years, and although he's a Southern Baptist, he's responsible for organizing services for religious groups as diverse as Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses and Asatru.

"I've studied a lot and come to understand a lot of their backgrounds and the cultures where they're coming from on a lot of issues," Spray said. "My role is to be there as a facilitator."