World Sikh Council Condemns Bombings in London, Calls for Prevention of Hate Crimes

July 10, 2005

Source: Worldwide Faith News

On July 10, 2005 Worldwide Faith News posted a press release from the World Sikh Council that reported, "The World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR), on behalf of the US Sikh community, strongly condemns the recent heinous bombings in London. We are shocked and grieved at this human tragedy...The British Government has shown some restraint in not stereotyping any minority community with collective guilt. We appreciate these sentiments of the government.

A few unfortunate incidents of harassment and attacks on British places of worship have been reported in the media. We condemn any and all such stereotyping and incidents of hate and prejudice.

Two Sikh Gurdwaras (places of worship) in Britain, one in Erith and the other in Leeds, are reported to have been attacked. In addition, a Sikh bus driver in Copenhagen, Denmark was attacked with baseball bats. The assailants are reported to have shouted 'London' as they beat the Sikh. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the attack. Attacks on mosques in Britain have also been reported.

'We call upon the British Government and the European Union to work swiftly to protect religious minorities and their places of worship from hate crimes and attacks,' added Dr. Tarunjit Singh, [secretary general of WSC-AR]."