World Council on Religions for Peace's Conference in Kyoto Draws Over 2,000 Religious Leaders to Discuss Peace

August 27, 2006

Source: Daily Yomiuri

On August 27, 2006 the Daily Yomiuri reported, "An international conference on religion opened in Kyoto on Saturday, attended by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and about 500 religious leaders from around the world. About 2,000 people from around 100 countries gathered at Kyoto International Conference Hall in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, for the eighth World Assembly of Religions for Peace, which this year is themed 'confronting violence and advancing shared security.' During the four-day conference, participants will discuss ways to eliminate violence and work on developing shared security through conflict transformation, peace building and sustainable development. The assembly is expected to forge partnerships among religious communities and other bodies such as governments, nongovernmental organizations and civil society. The world assembly, which is held every five years, has returned to Kyoto for the first time since the inaugural conference was held there in 1970. Koizumi expressed Japan's strong commitment to world peace and prosperity without resorting to the use of force. Referring to his visit last month to Israel, Palestine and Jordan, Koizumi said, 'I believe the only way for the people of this region to break the continuing cycle of hatred and violence lies in overcoming differences of religion and custom, and working in the interests of coexistence and coprosperity.'"