Working Toward Peace

September 8, 2002

Source: The Boston Herald

On September 8, 2002 The Boston Herald reported on Masjid al-Quran, which "has been partnered [since 1997] with a Reform Jewish congregation in Newton, Temple Shalom, through Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries [CMM], an interfaith coalition working in 18 communities in Greater Boston [Massachusetts]. They enlisted the help of CMM and the Public Conversations Project [PCP], a Watertown-based nonprofit, to structure the dialog. 'I think 9-11 brought home to people how dangerous and frightening it is for groups of people who don't know each other to operate on assumptions and stereotypes,' said Maggie Herzig, the PCP senior associate who facilitated the meetings. 'I think that both of these groups... felt they wanted to contribute to living in a more peaceful world. And they felt they should start with themselves. I think that's happening all over the country.'"