Wiccans Object to Bad Press About Festival

June 20, 2001

Source: In-Forum


On June 20, 2001, In-Forum, the online media partner of The Forum, of North Dakota, reported that organizers of "the second annual Pagan Hands Across the Red River are hurt by what they call 'bad publicity' about the four-day pagan festival 40 miles south of Fargo. Letters published on The Forum's opinion page have portrayed attendees as Satan-worshippers who caused last June's flood. Nothing is further from the truth, say local Wiccans... Rick Razzone... secretary of United Circle of the North said, 'It's just too bad we are being judged on 1,000-year-old propaganda... We're trying to get rid of the fairy tale image.'" The members participating in the ceremony, including Lady Star Lightrider, minister of the United Circle of the North hope that, "' As long as we do things in public, maybe there will be individuals who open their eyes... A lot of the hate and anger is caused by ignorance.'"