Wiccan Member Sues Unitarian Group

January 12, 2002

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On January 12, 2002, The Houston Chronicle reported that "a Houston-area witch says in a lawsuit that members of a Unitarian Fellowship program fell far short of their promise to welcome people of all religious beliefs when... they dismissed her... Mary LeBlanc says in a lawsuit filed this week that members of a Unitarian group belittled her disabilities and religion and harassed her to violate her religious beliefs by teaching them secret Wiccan rituals... LeBlanc said she first joined the Unitarian Fellowship... because it claims to welcome people of all religious beliefs. But after she revealed her beliefs, the suit says, members of the congregation pressured her to form a feminist women's group and to teach them about the nature-based Wiccan beliefs... LeBlanc's suit says she repeatedly declined to teach the rituals, but group members became 'increasingly insistent and increasingly hostile' until she was ousted from the group last year. The harassment included incidents in which LeBlanc says the Unitarian group sent people to her home to infiltrate her Wiccan meetings, the lawsuit says... LeBlanc is seeking $ 3 million in damages against the fellowship for intentional infliction of emotional distress and aggravating her heart condition."