Wiccan Head Priestess of India Passes Mantle to Daughter

May 12, 2006

Source: The Telegraph


On May 12, 2006 The Telegraph reported, "A [W]iccan who heals the mind or a witch who casts a spell? Ipsita Roy Chakraverti’s identity has swung between the two extremes ever since she went public about her special powers in 1987. Standing at the crossroads two decades later, the [W]iccan head priestess of the Indian subcontinent is ready to pass on the mantle of a spiritual healer to daughter Deepta. 'There are certain aspects of [W]icca that you can’t teach; they have to be absorbed. Something that I am not consciously passing on, something that has to be taken from me. I felt Deepta had the potential and I would have never forced her had she not been so keen. This is not necessarily through a mother-daughter bonding, it can be guru-shishya, or any form of relationship where there is a guiding force,' clarifies Ipsita. In the mellow light of the May evening that filters through their south Calcutta sitting room, the mother-daughter duo looks striking in trademark [W]iccan black dress and crystal chains. Deepta, who studied law at King’s College in London before registering with Delhi High Court, has been initiated into [W]icca with a crystal chain. The 20-something feels she can 'hold the energy' that would be passed on to her, having imbibed a lot from a [W]iccan ambience since childhood."