"What Would Jesus Drive?"

November 22, 2002

Source: The Christian Science Monitor


On November 22, 2002 The Christian Science Monitor reported that "prominent Christian and Jewish leaders called this week on the auto industry and their own congregations 'to recognize that transportation choices are moral choices' because of 'the extraordinary impact they have on God's creation and God's children.' In an open letter to auto executives, and in meetings Wednesday at Ford, General Motors, and the United Auto Workers union, the coalition launched what it hopes will be an ongoing conversation on building cleaner cars. It sought specific pledges from the companies. But the toughest sell could be the people in the pews, some of whom question such activism. While polls in recent years consistently show that Americans want moral values to find greater expression in public life, they are split about the role of religious leaders. One survey found that 51 percent believe churches should express their views, while 45 percent said they should stay out of political matters."